Thank God

Hi, I'm Blake. I'm Ravonn's mun/player. I'm a real person and Ravonn is not.

Ravonn is a player character for the tabletop role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, which our Storyteller is setting in a 90's vaporwave-esque city. This g/neocities was made with the intent to figure out and display Ravonn's personality a bit before we were able to play. Plus, it was a fun project! I plan on replacing my listography about with a neocities webpage at some point soon!

Making Ravonn's little pit stop on the information super highway was a fun experience and my first time web-building since middle school! (I'm very thankful that I've forgotten my old freewebz domains and log-ins if I'm going to be honest. ;;) I was... a lot like Ravonn back then. She's become a bit of a self-indulgent character and a good outlet for telling cringe culture to go fuck itself. Anywho, on to the bullet point lists!

A Bit About Blake: